The Georgetown International Relations Association is led by a board of directors made up of Georgetown University students. 

Elodie Currier

Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer

Elodie Currier is a proud member of the Georgetown School of Foreign Service's Class of 2019, studying International Politics with a focus on International Law and a certificate from the Georgetown Center for Jewish Civilization. Growing up in the New England Arts community, as well as a variety of experiences abroad, has informed and driven her passion for International Affairs, as have her past 7 years of participation in Model UN first at the high school, and then collegiate level, where she has been an avid staffer and competitor, has served as the Director of Registration for NAIMUN LIV, and recently completed her term as Chief Global Strategist for GIRA in 2017-2018 year. Outside of GIRA and Model UN, Elodie is an Orientation Advisor for Georgetown, serves on the board of TEDxGeorgetown, and spends her free time running and exploring the DC area. Elodie is incredibly excited to work with the board as Chief Executive Officer, and during her tenure hopes to preserve GIRAs standard of excellence while working to standardize systems and visions that will expand the mission into new areas.

Meggie Underwood

Chief Financial Officer

Meggie is a senior in Georgetown’s School of Foreign Service. She is studying International Economics with a focus on policy and theory. She first fell in love with Model UN when she was in high school in the Chicagoland area. Since high school Model UN has been one of the dominant forces in her life. She is very excited to work in the position of CFO of GIRA to ensure that Model UN can be exposed to people around the world regardless of social class by helping in the building of GIRA’s financial responsibility and by building resources like NAIMUN aid. In addition to managing GIRA’s books, Meggie has staffed all three NAIMUNs and NCSCs which have fallen during her time at Georgetown. She is also a deputy conference coordinator for the travel team where she plans logistics, competes, and helps in creating the best Georgetown team possible. When she is not talking about or competing in MUN, she is also running Georgetown’s international economics conference which she chairs. She also loves to spend her free time trying to monopolize on all of the amazing things that D.C. and Georgetown have to offer. She is excited to see GIRA continue to flourish under the leadership of the Board of Directors!


Chief Operating Officer

Christopher is a Global Business Fellow in the Edmund A. Walsh School of Foreign Service's Class of 2021, majoring in Science, Technology, and International Affairs (Security concentration), and minoring in Chinese. While hailing originally from Massachusetts, he spent most of his life abroad living in London, Hong Kong, and Dubai. Since arriving at the Hilltop, Christopher has been heavily involved in Georgetown’s International Relations Association (GIRA). In addition to serving as acting Chief Operating Officer, he has served as the Director of Marketing for NAIMUN, a staffer for NCSC, NAIMUN, and NAIMUN-China, and a delegate for GU’s Model UN team. Outside of the Model UN, Christopher is a Carroll Fellow that enjoys working shifts at The Corp, researching China’s Belt Road Initiative as a research assistant, and competing with the GU Ultimate Frisbee Team. In his rare free time, he can be found trading cryptocurrencies, rock climbing, and/or feasting on Insomnia cookies.

Jeremy Cohen

Chief Global Strategist

Hailing from Princeton, New Jersey, Jeremy is a member of Georgetown's School of Foreign Service, Class of 2020, studying International History and pursuing a minor in Russian language.  Jeremy has been involved in MUN since his days as a high school delegate at NAIMUN and enjoys competing in historic committees on the college circuit.  Within GIRA, Jeremy has served as NCSC’s USG of Cabinets and Boards, and is currently that conference’s Chief of Staff.  In 2017 Jeremy was a recipient of a GIRA Global Grant, with which he initiated a MUN program with Bilimkana Schools in Kyrgyzstan.  Outside of MUN Jeremy is engaged in the Figge Fellowship in Georgetown’s Catholic Studies Program, and is a part of the Carroll Fellows Initiative.  He enjoys reading about the politics and history Central Asia, as well as playing board games and squash.

John Erath

Chief Competitive officer

Kimberly Nuñez

Executive Secretary

Kimberly Nuñez is a member of Georgetown College’s Class of 2021 studying Government and minoring in Science, Technology, and International Affairs with a concentration in Security. She is from Los Angeles, CA and enjoys exploring the DC area. After only been introduced to debate throughout high school, Kimberly became involved with Model UN during her freshman year as a NCSC XLV and NAIMUN LV staffer. Ever since, her interest for international affairs has grown and continues to expand during her time at Georgetown. Aside from GIRA, Kimberly is a policy chair for Georgetown University Student Association, a Peer Mentor for the Georgetown Scholarship Program, and a member of Central American United Student Association. During her free time, she practices her photography skills and delves into her passion for nuclear disarmament research with the Comprehensive Nuclear-Test-Ban Treaty Organization Youth Group.

Mark Wilcox

Secretary-General, NCSC XLVII

Mark Wilcox is a proud member of the Walsh School of Foreign Service’s Class of 2021. He is originally from Chesterton, Indiana and thus is a loyal proponent of all things Midwest. His high school did not have Model UN, so instead he did debate for all four years. As he transitioned to college, he found Model UN to be a close fit to all the things that he loved about debate (even though neither activity has let him wear his beloved crocs). With the Georgetown team, Mark loves to travel as much as possible and has enjoyed staffing NCSC and NAIMUN. Outside of Model UN, Mark spends his time working with the Center for Social Justice as a coordinator for the After-School Kids program to help tutor local DC youth. On campus, he loves interacting with the first-year students as a Residential Assistant and also meeting new students as an admissions ambassador.  In order to get a break from many of his self-induced stresses, Mark loves to very critically watch movies, try new restaurants, and simply explore new and exciting avenues of life. Last year, Mark served as the Director of Delegate Affairs at NCSC and couldn't be more thrilled to be coming back to NCSC this year as the Secretary-General to make NCSC XLVII the best NCSC yet!

Raphaelle Hupez

Executive Director, NCSC XLVII

Raphy is a member of Georgetown's Class of 2021 in the Walsh School of Foreign Service majoring in International Economics and minoring in Italian. Her international upbringing growing up in New Delhi, Istanbul, Hong Kong, and Washington, D.C. sparked her interest in international affairs. In addition to attending NAIMUN as a delegate in high school, she has also staffed NAIMUN as a crisis analyst and a chair. Raphy also served as Director of Operations for NCSC XLVI. Outside of Model UN, she can be found building sets for Nomadic Theatre, serving as an SFS Peer Advisor, and working for the Office of Residential Living as an RHO Assistant. She enjoys going to restaurants with friends as they help her on her quest to find the best French pastries in the D.C. area. Raphy is extremely excited to serve as Executive Director for the 47th installment of the National Collegiate Security Conference!


Secretary-General, NAIMUN LVII

Neehar Mahidadia is a member of the Class of 2021 in the School of Nursing & Health Studies (NHS), majoring in healthcare management & policy with a minor in science, technology & international affairs (STIA). Hailing from Edison, New Jersey, Neehar has competed on the MUN circuit for all four years of high school, previously served as the USG of General Assemblies at NAIMUN LVI, USG of Assemblies & Summits for NAIMUN’s sister conference, NCSC and went to Chengdu, China this to staff the first NAIMUN China. Neehar is also the Secretary-General for the first iteration of NAIMUN Southeast Asia, hosted in Bangkok, Thailand in June 2019. When he isn’t binge-watching literally every show on Netflix or attending Georgetown Basketball games, Neehar serves on the NHS Academic Council, choreographs for the Georgetown South Asian Society charity show known as Rangila and is a consultant at Hilltop Consultants. Neehar cannot wait to share his passion for Model UN with all of you at NAIMUN LVII!



Alyssa Erin Kardos is a proud member of the School of Nursing and Health Studies, Class of 2021, studying Global Health with a minor in Theology. Serving on NAIMUN general staff as a Rapporteur in WHO was her first exposure to the world of MUN. Since then she has enjoyed her experiences as the Director of Outreach on NCSC, Georgetown’s college MUN conference, and as Director of Business on NAIMUN LVI. Alyssa migrated from Southern California to attend Georgetown and is still trying to grasp the concept of seasons. Around campus Alyssa assistant teaches at the Hoya Kids Learning Center, speaks with prospective students through the Georgetown Admissions Ambassador Program, welcomes new students through New Student Orientation, and discover new foods while working on the Georgetown Farmer’s Market Board. Her other passions include talking about herself in third person, eating free samosas, and wearing her bright pink crocs. Alyssa is ecstatic to serve as your Executive Director to make this the best NAIMUN yet!

Chase Wagers

Secretary-General EMERITUS, NAIMUN LVI

Chase Wagers is a proud member of the Georgetown University Class of 2020, majoring in Government and minoring in History. He is originally from West Liberty, Kentucky. Chase first became interested in Model UN at Georgetown, and now brings his passion for MUN to Georgetown’s travel team and to Georgetown’s conferences. In the past, Chase served as the Secretary-General of NAIMUN China 2018, as well as a member of the NAIMUN LV Secretariat. Chase is currently serving as Secretary-General for NAIMUN LVI, the 56th iteration of Georgetown’s high school MUN conference. During his tenure on the GIRA Board of Directors, Chase plans to further expand NAIMUN’s legacy of inclusion and opportunity for delegates from around the globe, and to further cement NAIMUN’s longstanding legacy as the championship of high school Model UN. 

Abbey nichols

Executive Director EMERITUS, NAIMUN LVI

Abbey Nichols is a member of Georgetown’s Walsh School of Foreign Service, Class of 2020, majoring in International Political Economy with a certificate in Diplomatic Studies and a minor in French. Since entering into the world of Model UN at Georgetown, Abbey has served on the Secretariat of both conferences as the Director of Events at NCSC XLV and the Director of Business at NAIMUN LV. Outside of Model UN on the Hilltop, Abbey is an active member of Hilltop Consultants, the Managing Director of the Institute of Politics' podcast, Fly on the Wall, and the Treasurer for the GU Student Association Fund. You can also spot Abbey in downtown D.C. working to empower women in politics. Abbey is thrilled to be the Executive Director for the 56th installment of the North American Invitational Model United Nations and to serve her tenure on the Board.

Suraag Srinivas

Secretary-General Emeritus, NCSC XLVI

Suraag Srinivas is a member of the School of Foreign Service's Class of 2020 majoring in Science, Technology, and International Affairs with a concentration in Business, Growth, and Development. He is from Chelmsford, MA, but attended high school in rural Indiana. Suraag has been participating in Model UN for over 6 years now and first got involved at Georgetown through the Georgetown MUN team. Since then, he has served as a general staffer for both NCSC and NAIMUN as well as served as an Under-Secretary-General for both conferences, and continues his involvement on the MUN team as a Training team member. Outside of Model UN, Suraag is a Senior Consultant in Hilltop Consultants, a student-run consulting group for non-profits, and dances for GU Jawani, Georgetown's competitive Bhangra team. In his free time, you can probably find him spending too much money on smoothies or adding events to his Google calendar. Suraag is absolutely thrilled to have served as the Secretary-General of NCSC and looks forward to continuing his involvement on the GIRA board for the next two years!

Avery LeaguE

Executive Director Emeritus, NCSC XLVI

Avery League is a member of Georgetown's Class of 2020 in the Walsh School of Foreign Service majoring in Science and Technology in International Affairs with a Global Health and Biotechnology concentration. She is also pursuing Spanish and French minors. Avery grew up in Huntsville, Alabama, and since arriving at Georgetown has been involved in GIRA as a general staff member of both NCSC and NAIMUN. However, her true love for the challenges of a conference developed while she served as the Director of Delegate Affairs for NCSC XLV. Outside of MUN, Avery is a member of Club Rock Climbing (choosing to actively ignore her lack of physical coordination), the Blue and Gray Tour Guide Society, the Georgetown Admissions Ambassador Program, and the D.C. Schools Project. Her favored forms of procrastination are dramatic movies and Broadway shows, and she is a shameless coffee and Nutella addict. Avery is ecstatic to be serving the Executive Director of NCSC XLVI, and is looking forward to all that GIRA accomplishes this year.

Christian Mesa

Secretary-general Emeritus, NAIMUN LV

Christian Mesa is a member of the Georgetown University Class of 2019, majoring in Government and minoring in History and Theology. Christian first became interested in Model United Nations in high school in Long Beach, California. After attending NAIMUN LII as a delegate, Christian fell in love with the conference and what Model UN could do for the education of a high school student. Outside of GIRA, Christian can be found lobbying for issues he is passionate about in DC through various political advocacy internships. Christian is also on the Student Board of the Georgetown Institute of Politics and Public Service, as well as hosts a podcast for the Institute entitled Fly on the Wall, where he talks to political professionals about what its like being in the room where big decisions are made. Christian also writes a column for The Hoya, Georgetown’s premier newspaper. He enjoys rooting for the Los Angeles Dodgers and playing a round of golf on a sunny afternoon.

Carley Mambuca

Executive Director EMERITUS, NAIMUN LV

Carley Mambuca is a member of the class of 2019 in Georgetown’s School of Foreign Service. She is majoring in Science, Technology, and International Affairs with a concentration in Security Studies, fellowship in Global Business, and minor in Spanish Language and Culture. Carley was born in New York, but has since moved to sunny Naples, Florida. She began participating in Model United Nations during her freshman year of high school and has not looked back since, currently competing on Georgetown’s Model UN Travel Team. When she attended NAIMUN as a delegate for LI, she fell in love with both Georgetown and Model United Nations, helping her discover her passion for international affairs and get to where she is today. Aside from Model UN, Carley participates in the Georgetown University Dance Company, the Student Activities Commission, and the Blue & Gray Tour Guide Society. In her free time, Carley can be found photo-shooting around DC.

Naba Rahman


Naba Rahman is a member of the Walsh School of Foreign Service’s Class of 2019, studying Science, Technology and International Affairs with a concentration in Business, Growth, and Development and pursuing a minor in Spanish. She has competes with Georgetown's competitive Model UN team, has served on both the NCSC and NAIMUN Secretariats, and most recently proudly served as the Secretary-General for NCSC XLV. When not bustling around a crisis suite or a committee room, Naba is a Project Manager for the Social Innovation and Public Service Fund, a Mentor in the SFS Century Innovation Program, a SFS Peer Advisor, and an analyst for Georgetown Collegiate Investors. She is looking forward to serving on the GIRA board and seeing what impact she and the rest of her colleagues can make in the world of international relations. 

Aaron Bennett

Executive Director Emeritus, NCSC XLV

Aaron Bennett is a proud member of Georgetown College’s Class of 2019, studying Political Economy and Theology. After seven years of Speech and Debate, Aaron first got involved in Model UN when he joined the Georgetown team during his first semester on campus, and has hit the ground running. He previously served as Director of Delegate Affairs for NCSC XLIV and Director of Programming for NAIMUN LIV, and is excited to serve as Executive Director of NCSC XLV. Traveling to and staffing conferences, he enjoys the tight-knit community that Model UN fosters both at Georgetown among members of the broader community. Outside of his work with GIRA, Aaron attends as many Hoya basketball games as possible, and is involved with student government and the Institute of Politics.