Promoting Youth Education in International Relations

Our Mission:

Promoting Youth Education in International Relations.

We design meaningful exchanges that inspire, educate, and empower the next generation of leaders in government, business, and international affairs.





years of experience

Our extensive experience creating educational experiences has prepared us to bring only the best to even more students around the world in the years to come.



Volunteers annually

Our volunteers are all highly qualified students of Georgetown University, passionate about international exchanges and prepared to educate others in topics they are studying.

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Countries operated in

Our work has taken us across the world, from Singapore to Ecuador, working with international partners to contribute to youth education and affect global change.


Our Work

GIRA’s activities are organized around five pillars of activity that each contribute to valuable international affairs education through academic, co-curricular, and professional engagements. We organize and execute high-quality, interactive diplomatic simulations and opportunities for exchange for both high-school and college students at home and abroad, in addition to funding undergraduate and graduate opportunities and exchanges in accordance with our mission.

North American Invitational Model United Nations

GIRA’s flagship Model UN Conference for high school students draws 3,300+ attendees in an unparalleled educations experience that combines topical committees with exploring the nation’s capital.

National collegiate security conference

GIRA’s Model UN Conference for college students draws 800+ attendees in an experience that prioritizes modern, realistic, and security-focused crisis simulations in a forum for the next generation of leaders.


GIRA offers grants each summer to a cohort of students committed to carrying out research or projects in youth empowerment, international development, and cross-cultural learning.


GIRA partners with like-minded education organizations around the world and offers its expertise in education-based programming to students around the world.



GIRA supports efforts on the Georgetown University campus to explore international relations topics and exchanges in academic, professional, and co-curricular settings.