Chief Global Strategist, Elodie currier

Matthew Robinson

Elodie brings over 6 years of competitive Model UN and leadership experience to her role as Chief Global Strategist, working as Director of Registration for NAIMUN LV, a Logistics Coordinator for the Georgetown University Model UN team, a teaching fellow with both BestDelegate and Alpha Partners Education, and an avid competitor and staffer on the college circuit. A member of the Georgetown School of Foreign Service Class of 2019 pursuing a major in International Politics and a certificate from the Center for Jewish Civilization, Elodie brings her passion for international affairs and diplomacy into her work for GIRA. Outside of the MUN sphere, she serves as an Orientation Advisor at Georgetown, on the board of TEDxGeorgetown, and, in her free time, is an avid runner and enjoys exploring new restaurants in the DC area. During her tenure as Chief Global Strategist, Elodie is excited to preserve GIRAs standard of excellence while working to standardize systems and visions that will expand the mission of GIRA into new regions. 

director of external Affairs, isabelle smith

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Isabelle Smith is pursuing a major in International Politics as well as a certificate in diplomacy, two subjects that fuel her passion for Model United Nations. After avidly competing in Speech and Debate in high school, she discovered Model UN at Georgetown. She served as a crisis analyst at NCSC and as a director at NAIMUN. She also had the opportunity to chair UN Women in India with Worldview, and she enjoyed experiencing the work of GIRA's international partners up close. Outside of Model UN, Isabelle serves as an Editorial Assistant for the Georgetown Journal of International Affairs and as the Secretary of Higher Education for the DC Federal Relations Committee. In her free time, she loves attempting Zumba, watching videos of baby animals, and exploring Smithsonians. Isabelle is excited to see GIRA Global grow to reach new students around the world while spreading education about international affairs. 


Administrative director, Chase wagers


Chase Wagers is a proud member of Georgetown College's class of 2020, studying government and history, and is from the great state of Kentucky. Since entering into the world of model UN at Georgetown, Chase has served as a Director in the National Security Agency at NAIMUN LIV, a crisis analyst at NCSC XLV, Georgetown's collegiate MUN conference, and has traveled actively with Georgetown's team. Chase also serves on the secretariat of NAIMUN LV as the Deputy Under-Secretary General of Economic and Social Councils (dUSG ECOSOCs). Outside of MUN, Chase is a permanent resident of the 2nd floor of Georgetown's library, and lives for Indian food, chocolate chip cookies, good coffee, and Politico notifications. Chase enjoys the tight-knit community that Model UN fosters both at Georgetown among team members and the broader community, and is excited to work with the Georgetown International Relations Association community and our global partners.